Another Preparedness

Last time, I discussed general preparedness as it relates to physical contingencies. This time, I would like to follow up on another preparedness.

Strength - ability of emotion to apply force
Power - ability of emotion to apply maximum force in minimum time

Endurance - ability to gather, process, an deliver emotion
Stamina - ability to process, deliver, store, and utilize emotional energy

Flexibility - ability to maximize range of motion in different social contexts
Coordination - ability to combine distinct individual social patterns into a single distinct social pattern

Balance - ability to control center of emotion in relation to support situation
Accuracy - ability to control emotion in a given direction at a given intensity

Speed - ability to minimize the time between repeated emotions
Agility - ability to minimize transition time between social patterns

It is not exact, but a simple thought experiment.

How do we love our spouse at home, while away, at work, at parties, at family functions, etc? How do we love our kids, neighbors, or enemies in the various contexts we engage them?

There is likely a similar measure based on these ten areas that determine emotional/social fitness: emotional capacity across broad time and social domains. Just something to think about. There is more to life than just physical fitness (but that doesn't make physical fitness any less valuable as one part of our whole being)