After addressing, "Why Power?" Then exploring "Full Impulse Power," I am inspired to complete this mini-series on power by a play on words, "Engage." We already know that more power means a higher level of lower power output (i.e. more with less). We explored briefly that a relationship between Power and Time is also Impulse to measure the actual acceleration from an average power output over any given time span. We also know it all works against gravity as a constant.

Whenever all of the information was available (or as much as could be in a swift decision situation), it was time to give the order, "Engage." (Ad Nauseum)

Engage what?

Everything! Well, depending on what you are doing. It is best to engage everything for producing power - at least enough to be a single unit, instead of segmented. If you turn a light on, you see power output. If something trips the breaker, there is a segment missing from the unit. Power flows in a direction and always comes from the hips (center-outward). We use muscle strength or even a single muscle at maximum contraction to utilize power, but it is limited by the contraction. Learning to create wave in our body leads to tremendous power output.

The only way to engage everything is to practice with movements that require closing up all those breaks that short circuit the system. Movements at high intensity (as heavy as we can, as fast as we can, as high as we can, etc - always within our ability to maintain complete circuit of power). It should also be recognized that the more fit we become the easier it is to transition (agility) from one full contraction to another and only fully contract when muscles we need for the moment of greatest force (but this happens automatically - as it is a nervous system response).

Shifting gears...

If this leads to full impulse power, what is our top speed? Supersonic speed is what our jets can do and warp speed is faster than light (sci-fi). Humans cannot survive at those speeds (not without considerable protection from the forces). The top speed of a runner has been clocked at ~28 mph (1/27th the speed of sound at sea level & 1/24,000,000th the speed of light). We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

So, whatever you do: Engage!

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