Full Impulse Power

"Aye, Captain."

There is a relationship between Power and Time.

What I find interesting is:
This can be measured in Watts or Horsepower
POWER average * (TIME2 - TIME1) = IMPULSE
Impulse is the measure of acceleration based on power application

1RM or Max Jump Height = 100% Power

In human production of power, the factor limiting our maximum is METABOLISM.

All things being equal - fitness at it's best, we are still limited by our METABOLISM.
We can only produce 100% Power for a short burst (around 10s).
Then we shift gears - we have an automatic transmission.
We can only produce 80% Power for a medium burst (around 75s).
Then we shift gears again (and soreness sets in from hydrogen ions building up)
We can produce 50% of Max for a long effort (for hours)
The point between the second and last gears are the anaerobic-aerobic threshold.

We may not know all about it, but this is the measure being used currently.

We only have so much fuel stored to be able to do 100% effort. It is restored after a time of recovery.
But, we can become more efficient at using the fuel stored. So, a 1RM can become higher and a high jump can become higher or a dash can become faster. That is power.

But when we have to go 800m and we are at top exertion (even though we had to slow down a little no matter what) and we cover it in 2 minutes, the power output changed during that distance. It gets averaged based on Work / Time. If we take the Power average * (Time2 - Time1), we can determine our acceleration and determine what our top acceleration was, which is Full Impulse Power.

Make it so!

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